Walks on bicycles and electric scooters

Bukovel is a favorite vacation spot in the mountains not only in winter, but also in the warm season. And if there is no snow on the slopes, and the glades and forest trails are warmed by the summer sun, then it is easy to find an alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

Are you going to the Carpathians in the summer? We recommend renting a bike or electric scooter and enjoying the picturesque nature combined with active and healthy leisure.
At the BLUE mountain hotel you can rent bicycles and electric scooters at an affordable price for any period.
Such rent will allow you to:
– significantly expand the walking area;
– spend time actively – with benefits for health, fitness and well-being;
– to reduce the cost of vacation in Bukovel, because you don’t have to take your bike or scooter on vacation, spending money on its transportation – everything is much easier.

Это самый экологичный и самый практичный вид транспорта, который с легкостью проедет по узким тропам и поможет попасть в отдаленные зоны лучшего курорта Карпат.
На велосипедах или электросамокатах bike rental?
We offer rental bicycles and electric scooters at an affordable cost. You can choose a two-wheeled friend of your choice and in accordance with riding skills, and if you have any difficulties, our staff will help you make a choice. Find out the rental price and booking conditions from the hotel staff.
All bicycles and electric scooters in BLUE mountain are in perfect technical condition – we carefully monitor this and carry out regular preventive maintenance and maintenance.
You can rent various types of bicycles and electric scooters. The range of goods in the rental center includes a wide selection of models for every taste.

Why do you need a bicycle or an electric scooter in Bukovel? Price of the most economical and most practical type of transport, which is easy to go through the high stitches and it is also possible to eat in the outer zone of the shortest resort of the Carpathians.
On bicycles or on electric scooters, you can go for a walk around your homeland, or in a company of friends, go to the store, and see your daily memory.
Stay at the top of the physical form and find the best way to get better, ecologically clean products and everyday bike rides are easy to help in a number of important tasks.

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